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Gates Foundation visits Hoke County Schools

posted Sep 29, 2014, 8:37 AM by JODIE BRYANT

Representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visited Hoke County Schools on Thursday, September 25.  Joined by the Chief Academic Officer for Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma, the group toured several classrooms at each academic level to witness the district’s implementation of LDC (literacy design collaborative) and MDC (math design collaborative). The tour began with viewing LDC in an Upchurch Elementary kindergarten classroom.  The group then went into other classrooms at Upchurch Elementary, East Hoke Middle, Hoke High and Sandy Grove Middle.  After the school tours, the visiting group joined teachers and administrators for lunch and an in-depth conversation about how LDC and MDC were implemented at each level throughout the district.  Teachers were praised for their hard work and for using PLCs as an opportunity to help one another achieve success with these initiatives.