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Growing Our Own: Hoke County Schools’ New Migrant Recruiter

posted Oct 18, 2013, 7:23 AM by JODIE BRYANT

Join the Federal Programs Department in welcoming Hoke County Schools’ latest recruit, Jeanette Flores Camarillo.  A native of Mexico, Jeanette came to the United States at the age of 11 years.  She attended McLauchlin Elementary School for two months as a fifth grader before advancing to East Hoke Middle School and finally graduating from SandHoke Early College High School.

When Jeanette and her family arrived in Hoke County, she did not speak English.  Through the assistance and guidance of all of her teachers, as well as her will to succeed, she developed the necessary English skills to communicate effectively within four years.  During her early years in the district, Jeanette was identified as a migrant student and benefited from the program.  When asked what she remembered most from participating in the Migrant Education Program, she replied, “I remember the summer trips and activities which kept me involved and linked to the community.  I did not feel like a stranger.  I felt a part of what was happening in the community.”  She went on to say, “Although it was a struggle because I didn’t speak the language nor know the culture, I attended school every day.  After learning to speak English and graduating from SandHoke Early College High School, I continued my education to earn an Associate’s Degree in Arts.   Even though I had a degree, I couldn’t apply for a tax paying job until recently.   Therefore, my family and I worked in the fields raking pine straw and doing other agricultural duties to make a living.”  When asked about her change from working in the fields to working in an office setting, Jeanette said, “It is a wonderful change.  I am excited and grateful.  I am learning many things that will help me improve my skills and help others.”  Jeanette’s experiences as a migrant child and worker has provided her with firsthand knowledge on how hard life can be, especially for migrant families.

As a result of her experiences, Jeanette’s primary goal is to one day become a social worker.  She enjoys helping others who are in need, especially children.  In response to her new position as Hoke County Schools’ migrant recruiter, she stated, “I am glad to be the new Migrant Recruiter because it’s an opportunity to help our community grow and be successful. I strongly believe education is the key to success, and that is why I have made a commitment to help and motivate our future leaders as well as their families.”