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HCS hosts 2nd Annual RoboGames

posted Apr 29, 2014, 9:08 AM by JODIE BRYANT
The 2nd Annual HCS RoboGames was held at East Hoke Middle School on April 5.  There were about 96 elementary and middle school students from different parts of North Carolina who participated in the event.  Sandy Grove Middle School, East Hoke Middle School, and West Hoke Elementary School participated from Hoke County.  Other teams came from Wake County, Hertford County, and Cumberland County. 

The robotics competition included six different robot games that challenged the teams in different aspects of robot design and programming.  This event was headed by Mario and Bianca Malabunga and was sponsored by HCS Student Support Services, the Career and Technical Education department, Farm Bureau, Andy’s, and Pitsco. 

For months, three teams from our county have been preparing for six robotics games that showcased what they have learned about designing, building, and programming robots.  These games include:  RoboSoccer is a soccer game composed of an autonomous goalie and wirelessly controlled striker robots in each team.  RoboMaze is a game where a robot finds its way on the maze.  RoboClimb is about robots climbing on a steep ramp and leaving a flag on the summit then descend to the base.  RoboRace is a fun racing game of robots following the line using their light sensors. RoboSumo is a popular game involving two robots pushing each other out of the ring.  Lastly, RoboHoop is a basketball game where robots try to drive and shoot balls to the hoop.  These robotics games highlight the hard work that the students have been giving for their robot projects. 

Winners from our county are as follows:
East Hoke Middle School’s Robo Eagles won 1st Place in RoboSoccer, RoboHoop, and RoboClimb, 2nd Place in RoboMaze, 3rd Place in RoboHoop, and 5th place in RoboSumo and RoboMaze.

Sandy Grove Middle School’s Panthers won 1st Place in RoboRace, 3rd Place in RoboSoccer and RoboSumo, 4th Place in RoboSumo and RoboMaze, and 5th Place in RoboHoop and RoboRace.

West Hoke Elementary School’s Cyborgs won 4th Place in RoboSoccer.

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