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Hoke County High School releases final exam schedule

posted May 21, 2014, 12:01 PM by JODIE BRYANT
EOC Exams;  all other classes on regular schedule; no bells

Thursday, 6/5/14   English 2 EOC
Friday, 6/6/14   Biology  EOC
Monday, 6/9/14   Algebra 1 EOC
* make-ups for absent students each day through 6/11/14
* EOC class attendance continues through 6/11/14 to meet course credit requirements.

Final Exams for NC Exams, CTE, and all other Courses (PLC made exams)
*  Highly suggest that students make sure to have some sort of breakfast on exam days.
*  The time frame is tight.  Please assist students in getting to correct location on time because of
    the required testing time and the bus schedule.
* There is a 15 minute break between exam sessions(20 min on 6/11).  Students may pick up a snack / food item in cafeterias; or bring a snack with them from home.

Tuesday, 6/10/14 8:00 cafeteria opens
8:20 Warning Bell
8:30 - 10:40 1st Period Exam (130 min)
10:40 - 10:55 Quick Pickup Food Item; move on to next exam (15 min)
11:00 - 1:10 2nd Period Exam (130 min)
1:10         School Dismissed; buses roll

Wednesday, 6/11/14 8:00 cafeteria opens 
8:20 Warning Bell
8:30 - 10:46 3rd Period Exam (136 min)
10:46 - 11:06 Quick Pickup Food Item; move on to next exam (20 min)
11:12 - 1:30 4th Period Exam (138 min)
1:30         School Dismissed; buses roll

1. A Final Exam is given in every course to every student on the scheduled date/time. (any
exception requires principal approval)
2. All non-EOC, non-NC Final Exams are PLC prepared common assessments.
3. All Final Exams count as 25% of the final course grade. (Hoke County BOE Policy)
4. At least 95% of students, in each sub group and overall, must test in EOCs and NC Exams.
5. Students absent will make up exam as soon as we locate them.
6. The regular teacher workday is in effect each day until 4:00 pm. 
7. Exam grading, completing final semester grading, and absentee makeups may take
        place after the afternoon release bell as well.
8. No athletic practice or student activity can begin prior to the end of the teacher workday.
9. Grade reporting information / deadlines, etc will follow from Mrs Mott.
10. Attendance requirement to receive course credit continues in each course through 6/11/14.