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Strengthening NC Public Schools

posted Apr 19, 2016, 6:20 AM by JODIE BRYANT

Superintendents of North Carolina’s Public Schools,  believe it is imperative that North Carolina develops and commits to a shared vision for public education. This vision includes outlining the knowledge and skills that students must know and be able to demonstrate upon graduation in order to be successful learners, employees, and citizens in the 21st century. It also includes the instructional delivery and learning support systems, human capital, and funding needed to provide our students with a world class education.

The North Carolina Guide to Strengthening Our Public Schools is a proactive education reform plan developed by NCSSA to:
  • Create a public education system that better prepares North Carolina’s students for success in globally competitive jobs and in higher education;
  • Frame the debate on education issues and the funding necessary to both sustain and increase the accomplishments that have been made;
  • Focus the attention of policymakers on what will make a difference in student achievement;
  • Establish and maintain a strategic direction for public education; and
  • Galvanize support of stakeholders who will enable continuous forward momentum for improvement in the quality of public education.
The North Carolina Guide to Strengthening Our Public Schools contains six key goals and areas of strategic focus:
  1. Prepared Graduates - All North Carolina students will graduate prepared for college, careers, and citizenship.
  2. Assessment - School districts will use multiple, balanced, and appropriate assessments to measure student growth and achievement.
  3. Instructional Delivery - All North Carolina public school students will receive high quality instruction delivered by the nation’s best teachers.
  4. Digital Learning - North Carolina will embrace digital learning to transform our public schools and communities.
  5. Human Capital - Develop North Carolina’s human capital for the provision of high-quality public education.
  6. Funding Public Education - North Carolina will rank 25th nationwide in public school funding by 2025.
Key strategies have been identified to achieve each of the six major goals.
Apr 19, 2016, 6:20 AM