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Partners in Education

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  • Hoke County Churches and Civic Organizations have adopted schools by giving monetary donations to assist with students' charged meal accounts.
  • Hoke County Turkey Festival Committee partners with Hoke County Child Nutrition to raise money for the Hoke County Chapter of the School Nutrition Association
  • Hoke County Health Department prepares menus that denote Healthy Eating
  • Hoke County Cooperative Extension Agent
  • Hoke County Schools Partners In Nutrition PIN Program is petitioning churches, civic groups, other organizations and individuals with monetary gifts to assist in paying on student meal account charges. The guidelines for Free/Reduced meals from USDA may cause families to not qualify by as little as $1.00 in some cases, which causes families to have to pay for meals. Some families still cannot afford the payment. This caused the student to charge meals and unpaid balances left unpaid throughout the school year. Schools are responsible for initially collecting money from parents, but if the account is not cleared, the school is left with the bill. This takes money from other educational needs and therefore we are asking for help from our community.