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Technology Department Home

Mission Statement

\The mission of the Hoke County Schools Technology Department is to empower students, teachers, administrators, staff, and the community to become lifelong, independent learners in a 21st-century environment through the application and support of technological resources.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Hoke County Schools Technology Department is to provide access to 21st century technological resources for all students, teachers, administrators, and staff.


The Hoke County Schools Technology Department will:

  • Allocate technological resources to meet district and school level goals.
  • Increase communication with faculty, staff, parents, and the community through electronic mediums.
  • Increase the production levels of facility, staff, and students through technology-based applications.
  • Implement a secure and efficient network that provides seamless access to all users.
  • Support learning through the Internet and Internet-based applications.
  • Provide computer-based research tools for data collection and evaluation.
  • Encourage technology integration across the curriculum.
  • Provide professional development activities to promote lifelong learning for all.
  • Provide access to emerging technologies so that users may adapt to technological change and its function in an information society.
  • Align all goals and objectives with the North Carolina Information Skills curriculum, the Hoke County Schools District Strategic Plan, and the Hoke County Schools District Technology Plan.

Our Location

315 N. Bethel Rd.
Raeford, NC 28376