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The Hoke County Schools Transportation Department is committed to provide safe and efficient transportation for Hoke County students. Accomplishing this task requires the ability to utilize state funds to their maximum under strict rules and regulations. Our department is required to adhere to the laws established by the State Legislature, the rules and regulations by the State Board of Education, and the policies and procedures of our local Board of Education. The balancing act to meet all of the above expectations is very challenging and sometimes requires hard and unfavorable decisions. 

Hoke County Schools Transportation maintains a fleet of 94 regular route buses, 13 spare buses, 13 activity buses, and 9 service vehicles. Spare buses are vehicles used when a regular route bus is unavailable due to mechanical problems or routine maintenance. The service vehicles consist of fuel trucks, wrecker, and pick ups that mechanics use to support the maintenance of school buses.

The employees of transportation consist of 6 Mechanics, 2 part-time Fuel Truck Drivers, an Executive Director, a TIMS Coordinator, a TIMS Operator a Cost Clerk, an Administrative Assistant, 1 part-time Office Assistant and 100 + Bus Drivers.

Hoke County Schools Transportation has been using Synovia GPS Tracking on our fleet of buses for several years. This tracking allows our department to locate vehicles, access information on bus stops and monitor driving habits of our drivers. It has been very successful in helping utilize the budget in an efficient manner and cutting unnecessary cost.

Beginning February 1st, 2017, we implemented Synovia's Here Comes The Bus application; a feature providing parents with unique capabilities to access GPS Tracking of their children's buses.