HCS Online

Considerations for enrolling in HCS Online

  • This is a full-time online, semester long option following the district calendar

  • Parents will be required to attend a parent orientation session.

  • Students are required to attend and be an active participant at regularly scheduled synchronous (live) direct instruction sessions online.

  • Grading structures will be consistent with in-person and blended instruction environments.

  • Students enrolled in this option may not have access to all classes, particularly specials/elective classes, that may otherwise be offered at a traditional school.

  • Students who enroll in HCS Online will receive a district-issued device and can apply for a Wifi hotspot, if needed. The student’s parent/guardian will be expected to complete a technology agreement in order to receive one or both of these devices.

  • Daily attendance will be taken.

  • HCS Online instruction will be at the same pace as in-person instruction. Students will use the same curriculum and instructional programs as in-person classes and have the same expectations.

  • HCS Online students will not receive school-prepared meals.

  • Enrollment includes full participation in all state-mandated testing on the required dates and the assigned location.

  • Parents and students must agree to the above expectations in order to participate in the HCS Online Program.

HCS Online Questions and Comments

You may submit your questions via this Google form. We will address those questions that have been the most common among our community in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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