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Working together for re-entry

Hoke County Schools will operate in the Fall of 2020 using Plan B, which has two options:

Option 1: Hybrid learning (two days of face-to-face instruction with three days of remote learning)

Option 2: HCS Online (100% remote online learning)


As Hoke County students prepare to return to the classroom, whether in-person or virtually, we recognize that there are questions and concerns regarding the opening of school this fall. District and school leaders have spent the summer preparing for the return of students on August 17. Throughout the entire school year, Hoke County Schools will follow guidance from state and local health department officials regarding school opening or possible closures. This year's return to school will come with some new protocols and procedures in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. We encourage everyone to visit the Hoke County Schools website and review the district’s re-entry plan. While our new procedures, such as daily temperature checks, mandatory face coverings, increased disinfecting and social distancing, will alter certain aspects of the school day, our goal is to maintain a normalized environment where all students will receive a quality education.

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Hoke County Schools will reopen schools for students under Plan B, which allows parents to choose how they would like for their child(ren) to return to school. The first option is for child(ren) to learn virtually this fall through HCS Online. These students will attend class online each day in a virtual setting that will mirror face-to-face instruction. Students will need to participate, complete assignments, and communicate with teachers each day in order to be marked present. Grades will also be given in the same manner as a traditional class. We ask parents to support these students during their online learning by encouraging their child(ren) to stay on task, creating a structured learning environment at home, and setting routines much like a typical school day. Any device (hardware) concerns should be reported to the school's media coordinator. Students and parents who need assistance with logging in or have questions about software/apps not loading should contact the Digital Teaching and Learning Department at 910-322-4174 or 910-568-9698.

Parents also have the option to allow their child(ren) to attend school for face-to-face instruction. This option will allow students to attend school two days per week, with remote learning three days per week. With our face-to-face classes, students will attend school with much smaller class sizes which will be conducive to social distancing. For example, at Hoke County High School there are typically 2,000 students on campus. This fall, half of these students have selected remote learning. Only 1,000 students at this school will attend in-person classes. These students are divided into two groups. This means only 500 students will attend class on Monday and Wednesday, and another 500 students will attend class on Tuesday and Thursday. Having 500 students per day on a campus that normally holds 2,000 students will allow staff to more easily monitor social distancing among the students.

As we open schools for in-person instruction, it is important that everyone recognizes the role they play in protecting themselves and others. It is absolutely imperative that if anyone experiences flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc.) they stay home. Each school will place a heightened emphasis on facility sanitation, including the regular cleaning of high traffic areas and surfaces, as well as disinfecting with industrial sprayers at the end of each school day. Hand hygiene is critical. Hand sanitation stations have been placed throughout our schools and students will be encouraged to regularly wash their hands as a way to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others. Students and staff will receive temperature checks each morning before entering the school. Parents are asked to remain in their vehicle when dropping off students. Visitors, including parents, will not be allowed past the front office of any school, and any person entering the school must receive a temperature check. The school district will provide face coverings for students and staff, or they may choose to wear their own. Face shields may also be worn along with face coverings. All visitors will also be required to wear a face covering. These simple things like consistent hand-washing, staying home when sick, face coverings, social distancing and limiting close interactions will become our best defense against the virus and help keep everyone safe. Now that we know much more about how this virus spreads, we must govern ourselves in ways that will limit the spread.

Additionally, we would like to reassure our families that as we make our way through this school year, we will continue to put the health of our HCS family first by monitoring the trends of this virus, as well as listening to guidance from local and state health officials. If at any time we feel it is in the best interest of our students and staff to make the switch to 100% online learning, we will work with the Hoke County Board of Education to promptly make that transition.

The overall success of this school year will require each of us working closely together, listening to one another's concerns and doing our part to contribute to a positive, healthy and safe school experience.


Face-to-face classes began Wednesday at SandHoke Early College High School, the first public school in the central North Carolina area to start in-classroom learning.

The first day of class was scheduled to be Monday, but Hurricane Isaias postponed those plans.

The school day at SandHoke Early College begins with temperature checks, and masks are required throughout the school day.

Students head to class in one-way hallways marked with stickers to remind them to maintain their distance. Inside each classroom is a hand sanitizer station with desks spaced six feet apart. These are all big changes for sophomore student Hayden Logan who says it makes her feel safe.

"At first, I was nervous due to the circumstances that we're going through. Now that we got here, it's all good and I'm excited," Logan said.


Plan Overview

Virtual Tour

HCS plans re-opening using Plan B


  • At all grade levels, students will be divided into different groups attending alternating days on-site and off-site. Remote Learning for all students on Fridays.

      • Group A comes to school on M/W with remote learning on T/TH/F.

      • Group B comes to school on T/TH with remote learning on M/W/F.

  • All students will have synchronous (live) instruction for remote learning on Fridays.

  • 50% of each school’s student population will be on campus and on buses.

  • All students will have two days per week of face-to-face interactions with teachers and other educational staff.

  • Families will be grouped together on the same days.

  • Health protocols will include wearing face coverings, symptom screening and daily temperature checks.

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols will be in place.

  • There will be limited entry points into buildings.

  • No visitors will be allowed beyond the front office.

  • All staff will work on-site every day.

  • Open House will be virtual.

Registration forms for HCS Online - Hoke County Schools' 100% Remote Learning option - will be available online from July 15 until 6:00 pm on July 27, 2020.

Please note – submitting a HCS Online Registration Form confirms that the child will not attend in-person classes for Fall Semester 2020.

Families can expect to receive additional information by August 3 regarding a mandatory parent orientation.

HCS Online - 100% remote learning


  • Opportunity for K-12 to opt out of Plan B to a fully online learning experience.

  • Each student will be assigned a schedule of classes appropriate to their grade level and course credit needs.

  • Consists of both live and pre-recorded sessions and independent work (to be submitted through Seesaw or Canvas).

  • All instruction will be provided by assigned teacher(s) from the child’s school.

  • This is a full-time online, semester long option following the district calendar.

  • Parents will be required to attend a parent orientation session.

  • Students are required to attend and be an active participant at regularly scheduled synchronous (live) direct instruction sessions online.

  • Students enrolled in this option may not have access to all classes, particularly specials/elective classes, that may otherwise be offered at a traditional school.

  • Students who enroll in HCS Online will receive a district-issued device and can apply for a Wifi hotspot, if needed.

  • The student’s parent/guardian will be expected to complete a technology agreement in order to receive one or both of these devices.