• Welcome Bobcats!



    Welcome Bobcats to the 2022-2023 school year. First of all, we would like to thank you for trusting us with your children. This year is a different year than ever before. We have put procedures and safe guards in place to keep your child safe. We recognize the importance of the whole child now more than ever. As we continue to weather this pandemic, we hope that you and your family remain safe.

    Our theme this year is "No Matter What." Our mantra is to come to school each and every day and provide your child with our very best and ensure that ALL children learn, no matter what. At Sandy Grove, we pride ourselves on providing a well rounded education to our students. We recognize the importance of developing a strong character, social-emotional well-being and academics in each and every one of our students. This is the way to build future leaders who will impact our world.

    Our staff is dedicated to the success of each child and is relentless in doing whatever it takes to help our students to be successful in school and in life. We know that parents are always the child’s first teachers as we work together building partnerships that are effective and lasting. Please be sure to foster an open line of communication with your child’s teacher, participate in parent-teacher conferences, and know that this home-school team is critical to your child’s success.

    Please be mindful of the following policies:

    • Students are tardy at 7:40am.

    • All students must be dropped off and picked up through the car rider line. Parents will not be able to walk their students up to the building.

    • Visitors are not allowed past the front door at this time.


    We know with your support, this will be our greatest year EVER!

    Dacia Bullard, Principal