Mission Statement...

    Our mission is to provide a tradition of excellence that consists of a high quality education, meaningful relationships and life-changing opportunities for our diverse population of students to succeed in an ever-changing world.

    School Pledge...

    I pledge to do my best, and nothing less, always demonstrating bear pride! Go Bears!


    Our Vision...

    Scurlock is a student-focused learning community where we:

    • Ensure all students succeed in a supportive environment;

    • Encourage innovation throughout all content areas;

    • Seek continuous growth in order to improve instruction;

    • Build home-school-community relationships that support students in achieving their fullest potential.



    Our Values...

    • INNOVATION- Continue to embrace forward-thinking and creativity to transform solutions and ideas that will enable responsiveness to the expectations of the entire school community.

    • INSPIRATION- Foster an environment that empowers and influences creative thinking, enthusiasm, and motivation to generate new ideas, goals, and actions.

    • IMPROVEMENT- Engage in continuous improvement to enhance processes and protocols in order to generate the most effective and efficient organization and ensure long-term success.

    • INTENTION- Act with purpose in order to achieve desired goals and outcomes; be deliberate and thoughtful with words, actions, decisions, and work to positively influence the school community.

    • INCLUSION- Value people for who they are, nurture diversity, ensure access to opportunities, promote a sense of belonging, and embrace the contributions of all students, families and staff in order to strengthen the school community.

    • INTEGRITY- Communicate and act in a trustworthy manner to build genuine relationships; the school community is committed to being self-aware, accountable, transparent, and responsible.




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